Trapper’s Statement on COVID-19

Trapper’s Statement on COVID-19
June 28, 2020 Sterling Cryder

Trapper’s Fishcamp & Grill recently had two employees test positive for COVID-19 — one tested positive on June 17th, the other on June 23rd. Neither employee worked after receiving their positive test, and per Trapper’s COVID-19 policy, any employee who tests positive must refrain from working for a minimum of 14 days and provide a negative COVID-19 test result to their manager before returning to work. We immediately communicated this information to our Trapper’s team in order for them to take the needed actions to ensure they were not infected, as well as our desire for both of these infected employees to return to work once they meet the necessary requirements.

This past week, a former employee made false claims — including on multiple social media platforms — that Trapper’s was attempting to get these two employees to return to work with the knowledge they were COVID-19 positive. This was and is a complete lie. We have signed affidavits from both employees that neither were ever asked to return until they had quarantined and tested negative for COVID-19. The former employee who made these false statements was subsequently terminated.

Our commitment to all of you is and always has been to take every precaution possible to ensure your safety when you choose to dine with us. We believe that shutting our restaurant down after each positive case is not sustainable for our customers, our employees, nor our business. To this end, Trapper’s continues to check all employees’ temperature and conduct a health screen before beginning a shift, requires all staff to wear masks, enforces strict social distancing amongst guests, and limits the restaurant to 75% capacity, even when our state’s current Phase 3 does not require these precautions. And of course, no employee has been nor will they be required to return to work. We respect that all guests and employees have variable levels of comfort, and we want them to return when they feel it is best for themselves.

We are happy to share and discuss all of our health and safety procedures with the public and welcome any insight and recommendations on ways to keep all of us safe.