Top Six Fish for Weight Loss

Top Six Fish for Weight Loss
January 17, 2017 Sterling Cryder

Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolution goal to lose weight?

According to, these are the six best science-backed fish for weight loss:

• Halibut
• Oysters
• Wild Salmon
• Scallops
• Light Canned Tuna
• Pacific Cod

At Pearl’s Oyster Bar, you can try fish your way and pair it with one of our signature sauces – all under 600 calories! This includes our Mustard Beurre Blanc, Classic, Southwest, Mediterranean, New! Asian and Chimichurri sauces. Just look for the green 6-pool ball icon next to your menu selection and you’ll know it’s less than 600 calories!

With so many options to pick from, what’s your favorite creation?