Recipe: Pearl’s Perfect Margarita

Recipe: Pearl’s Perfect Margarita
August 2, 2016 Sterling Cryder

Each month, we’re excited to bring you new recipes for our handcrafted cocktails and dishes. To kick things off, we reveal one of our all-time favorites: Pearl’s Perfect Margarita.

Soon after Pearl’s Oyster Bar opened its doors at its original location off Northwest 63rd and Western in 1984, perfect margaritas on the patio became a thing. A BIG thing. And while we love innovation and experimentation, we are proud to offer that same perfect margarita today at all three restaurants. Why? Because people love it!

Here’s to thousands of happy hours and more requests for this recipe than one can count!


2 oz. Juarez Gold Tequila
½ oz. La Belle Orange
½ oz. Rose’s Lime Juice
½ oz. Triple Sec
4 oz. Sweet & Sour
2 ea. Olives
1 ea. Lime Wedge


Measure all ingredients except olives and lime wedge into a shaker tin, add ice and shake.
Presentation: Serve in the shaker tin with an ice strainer on top of tin.
Glass: Serve with a salted rim martini glass.
Garnish: Serve with 2 olives and 1 lime wedge on a sword pick on the rim of the martini glass.

Pro Tip: Make Sweet & Sour better by adding fresh squeezed lime juice. We recommend half a lime per cup of Sweet & Sour.

Feeling fancy? Try Jose Cuervo® Gold, instead of Juarez Gold and Cointreau, instead of La Belle Orange.