Craft Beers

Craft Beers
September 30, 2016 Sterling Cryder

Drink LOCAL. Drink Craft. We’ve got you covered with some of the best local and national craft beers to pair deliciously with our menu. Whether you’re new to the world of craft beers or looking for an OKC location that has a legit selection – Pull up a bar stool and let us pour you a cold one!

Here’s a rundown on what you’ll find across all three of restaurants’ taps and in the coolers:  

Prairie Ace– We are so proud of this brew and are sure you will be too! It is a wheat beer that is crisp with enough sour to get your taste buds going, but not enough for your jaw lock. This beer is good for anything on our menu at anytime! Source

F5 IPA- This straightforward malt body beer supports the distinctive bouquet of Columbus and Falconers Flight which imparts citrus, grapefruit and pine notes local West Coast style. Source

ELK Valley Pale– One of Elk Valleys BEST! The flavors are amped up with the super fresh taste. It is crisp and refreshing and goes great with our crab legs. Source

Iron Monk Milk Stout– The first brew that started it all for Iron Monk. It is a classic style that has much excitement. This beer is rich, roasty, sweet and chocolatey with even a burst of espresso. Source

Marshall “Old Pavilion Pilsner”- Inspired by the Brewmaster himself, Eric Marshall, it gets its name from the “Pils” style in North Germany. This beer is crafted with a deep reverence for one of the world’s most successful beers. Source

Mustang “Washita Wheat”– Brewed with Oklahoma Red Wheat, American and European barley, and Cluster and German Hallertauer hops. It is incredibly smooth and oh so good! Nothing goes better with a prime rib like a Washita Wheat beer! Source

Arjun – This golden colored beer will have your mouth watering! This beer is medium light, taste of orange and spices. Wash our famous Trapper’s Ultimate Fried Chicken down with this delicious beer! Source

Anthem IPA- This is a tasty creation that you won’t want to pass up! With the fruity and dank hop aroma, malty backbone, this beer is just the right amount of bitterness! Source

Uroboros Stout– As a Belgian-inspired creation this beer is renewing its form. Made as a roasted, chocolate malt, dark candied sugar, oak spirals, and Belgian yeast this beer works great with any of our spicy Cajun dishes. Source

Farmhouse– It has a fruit citrus flavor with the orange, lemon and a tart grapefruit. It is a clean and crisp beer that balances out the tart and sweet. Source

Prairie-Vous Francais– Nice and mild drinkable beer will have you talking about it for days! Has a little bit of goodness in it: orange zest, apple, lemon, grainy malt and a touch of hay and coriander, and the right about of sweetness. Source

DNR– This beer is a STRONG Belgian-style dark ale, with a culmination of central and western European malts, with Noble hops, candy sugar and a Trappist yeast. Dried fruits, cinnamon and vanilla are mixed in to make this beer a more enjoyable taste! Try this beer with an appetizer or an after dinner drink. Source