Cajun Fried Turkeys

Cajun Fried Turkeys
November 9, 2016 Sterling Cryder

To celebrate our love of turkeys – especially Cajun Fried Turkeys – we are serving up some science with your holiday meal!

7 Fun Facts About Turkeys:

  • The color of a turkey’s throat and head changes depending on his mood.
  • There are about 5,500 feathers on an adult turkey, including 18 tail feathers that make up the male’s distinct fan.
  • When a turkey gobbles, it can be heard up to a mile away.
  • Wild turkeys are speed demons. They run at speeds up to 25 mph and can fly as fast as 55mph in short bursts!
  • If a turkey doesn’t gobble, it’s probably a female, which is called a hen. Male turkeys are called gobblers because they make a gobbling sound. Female turkeys communicate via clucks and small, chirp-like noises.
  • Turkeys enjoy sleeping in trees away from predators.
  • Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the National bird of the United States, instead of the bald eagle. In part stating, “Eagles have been found in all countries, but the turkey was peculiar to ours…”

BONUS: Did you know once you try our Cajun Fried Turkey, you will never settle for an oven-baked turkey again?! We lovingly rub, then inject the turkeys with Cajun Seasonings, and let them marinate overnight. Then we deep-fry them until they are golden and crispy on the outside, and moist, tender and full of flavor on the inside.

We have two options when ordering your turkey this Thanksgiving:
1. Order it ready to eat. When you come pick it up, you can dig in right away.

  1. Order it to be picked up cold. We cook it like we always do, but then cool it down and refrigerate it so that you can reheat at your convenience (See reheating instructions below).

1. Keep Turkey refrigerated at 33 to 40 degrees until ready to reheat.
2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
3. Place uncovered Turkey in oven and heat for one hour or until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees in the thickets part of the breast.

Need side items? We have those too – in quantities that complement and make entertaining easy!

To order give us a call at 405-232-7227!
Turkeys Available ONLY AT:
Crabtown in Bricktown
303 E. Sheridan, OKC 73104
*Note: 48 hour advanced ordering required