Pearl’s Restaurant Group

Pearl's Restaurant Group

Paul Seikel founded Pearl’s Restaurant Group over three decades ago out of a passion for high quality seafood and a desire to create a unique and fun dining experience. PRG operates the “Award Winning” restaurants: Pearl’s Oyster Bar, Trapper’s Fishcamp and Grill, and Pearl’s Crabtown. Committed to sustainability, each restaurant works closely with suppliers to source only eco-friendly and well-managed seafood. Linda Seikel’s enthusiasm for design is seen in the great attention given to the restaurants’ imaginative and elaborate, yet tasteful décor. Consistently excellent food and service drive PRG’s growth. PRG is a proud member of Keep it Local.

Company Officers

Paul Seikel, CEO/Founder

Steve Griffin, President & Chief Operating Officer

Frank Nelson, Vice President of Business Affairs

Shavonda Pickett, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Brindi Talley, Director of Human Resources